Kudos from the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing

The Council on Cardiovascular Nursing congratulates the following CVN members, who were inducted as 2006 Fellows in the American Academy of Nursing:

Lora E. Burke, Ph.D., M.P.H., University of Pittsburgh
Sabina Maria De Geest, Ph.D., R.N., University of Basel
Mariann R. Piano, Ph.D., R.N., University of Illinois at Chicago

Newly elected Fellows in the American Heart Association and Council on Cardiovascular Nursing:

Rebecca Angerstein, M.A., M.S.N., FAHA
Linda S. Baas, Ph.D., ACNP, FAHA
Patricia Barton Crane, Ph.D., FAHA
Nancy M. Hagberg, MS, FNP, FAHA
Eileen Handberg, Ph.D., ARNP, FAHA
Sandra. J. Kruel, M.S.N., ARNP, FAHA
Terry A. Lennie, Ph.D., FAHA
Aurelia Macabaso-O'Connell, Ph.D., ACNP, BC, CCRN, FAHA
Catherine Ryan, Ph.D., FAHA
Joanna D. Sikkema, M.S.N., AP{RN-BC, CCRN, FAHA

Nancy Hagberg's biography, which was inadvertently not included in the Council Dinner Program, is provided below:

Nancy M. Hagberg is a pediatric cardiology nurse practitioner and director of the Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Clinic at Child Heart Associates in Worcester, Mass.  She is an expert clinician with over 23 years of experience in pediatric cardiology. Her significant contributions to the care of cardiovascular patients were recognized by the AHA with the Excellence in Clinical Practice Award. Hagberg is a founding member and past president of the Northeast Pediatric Cardiology Nurses Association. She has supported local, regional and national AHA initiatives through active participation as a nurse, advocate, educator, and as a member of the CVN Subcommittee on Pediatric Cardiovascular Nursing.

The Council on Cardiovascular Nursing congratulates the following 2006 award recipients:

Katharine Lembright Award
Debra Moser, D.N.Sc., R.N., FAAN, FAHA

Martha Hill New Investigator Award
Lola Coke, D.N.Sc., R.N.
Mohannad AbuRuz, Ph.D., R.N.
Amy Valderrama, Ph.D., R.N.

Arteriosclerosis/Heart Failure Research Prize
Elaine Steinke, Ph.D., R.N.

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award
Cindy Adams, R.N., M.S.N., AP

Research Article of the Year Award
Terry Lennie, Ph.D., R.N., FAHA

Clinical Article of the Year Award
Joanne Duffy, Ph.D., R.N., CCRN

Best Abstract Award
Sandra Dunbar, D.S.N., R.N., FAAN, FAHA

Stroke Article of the Year Award
Patricia Clark, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, FAHA

Early Career Clinical Nursing Award
Christina Cannone, R.N.

Distinguished Achievement Award
Gayle Whitman, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, FAHA